Switching to Ryft – All you need to know

Last updated: April 21, 2024

Ryft Pay is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited. This marks a HUGE milestone in our company’s development. For those that have been following our story, we’re just going to catch up with the ones that weren’t…

From the beginning, Tuft was an experiment to see if the idea that clients could request a booking whenever they wanted would be accepted. Our first launch, although a little rocky, was definitely an eye-opener for us and after almost 2 years of tweaking, listening to feedback and ensuring the system was fit for purpose, we took our next step; making Tuft a viable business – something our investors were very keen to hear. Ryft Pay solidifies Tuft Globals’ space in the market and enables us to continue developing a system that fits pet services, worldwide – sorry competitors, we’re here to stay!

Why Ryft Pay?

Well, like us, Ryft Pay is a small business, you can think of Ryft Pay as a smaller Stripe; super secure, but without the high fees. We’ve actually been building Tuft 2.0 for the last 5 months, so it really feels like we have given birth to a new, grown-up version of our system.

Switching from Stripe to Ryft

The main difference you’ll see in your Tuft system is the updated booking card, as you can now process the entire booking through the system. There is a caveat to this though, as with all big developments, there will be phases, and Ryft currently powers the App Requests and SMS links to facilitate payment. Whilst we don’t take your card payments through the system yet, you can still use the card facility for accounting purposes so your finances are broken down by payment method.

What about my card machine?

As explained above, Ryft is not connecting to any card machine at the moment, and as such we do not take any transaction costs on card payments made with your current card machines. We are looking at ways to provide terminals, without increasing the percentages paid on popular terminals (iZettle, SumUp, Square, LowPay etc) – we understand double charging is not okay and we want the system to be fair for everyone involved.

What about if I am currently connected to Stripe?

If you are currently connected to Stripe there will be no changes until you switch to Ryft Pay, and even after we decommission (stop supporting) this integration, you will still have full access to your Stripe account which will continue to payout any deposits you have collected before switching to Ryft Pay. To access your Stripe account after you have switched you will simply use the login you created when you connected on day one. If you are unsure of this login, please contact Strip directly to recover your details as we at Tuft have no access to your Stripe logins.

We recommend closing your Stripe account once your balance hits zero and continuing with Ryft Pay as your new way of taking deposits.

Don’t worry, we will be here to help all the way – contact the support team if you get stuck, we will happily walk you through the process.

How do I switch to Ryft Pay?

Follow the instructions on your Tuft system, the process is exactly the same as you did for Stripe, you can even use the same email address to sign up for your Ryft Account. Once you have signed up Tuft will be connected to Ryft just as Stripe was – except now you get paid everyday, rather than every 3 days!

Our Help Centre is full of FAQs about Ryft Pay, so if you still have questions, check there first, we may have already answered it!

Happy grooming!