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Frequently Asked

No problem, here are a few of our most frequently asked. If yours isn’t answered here then get in touch with our friendly support team, or hop over to the Help Centre for the complete lowdown on Tuft!

Is there an introductory fee?
Nope! We don’t charge you an introductory fee for setting up an account.

What happens if I decide to cancel my subscription?
Subscriptions are rolling monthly. You can cancel or make changes to your subscription at any time. Please note that refunds are not given for cancellations. Once your subscription is cancelled, your account will revert to a free plan. Your salon will still be listed on Tuft however you’ll no longer have access to premium features such as calendar integration, client bookings and messaging.

Do my clients need the app?
Whilst the client booking app offer the best customer experience for your pet parents, we understand that you may have elderly clients who cannot access the app. Tuft is fully functional without the app.