Phase Two of Tuft

We’re all about transparency here at Tuft, so we wanted a dedicated page online where we could tell all our groomers what’s coming next, and whats on the wish list. You can also send us your suggestions for features you would like us to include in the app.

Integration with accounting software

The ability to export financial data into accounting software such as Intuit and Xero.

POS Integration

Many salons have a POS system installed, we would like to develop the app to work on POS systems such as EPOS for managing their business in one place.

Multiple Groomers

Another feature that proved popular during our research was the ability to add more than one employee into the salon calendar.

Ai Learning Capabilities (Rosey 1.0)

Our AI learning capabilities will unlock even more automation, with breed recognition and owner verification.

Loyalty/Reward Schemes

App stickiness is important, we will reward our top rated groomers and clients with extra discounts.

Automated waitlist

Cancellations? No problem, we’ll send a notification to the first person on the waitlist for a last minute cancellation slot.


Earn extra income by requesting a tip after your service is complete. Clients will be able to add a little extra as a thank you at the tap of a button.

Custom email marketing

Use our templates to let your clients know of upcoming offers.

Grooming supplies

Order grooming supplies directly through your dashboard with our integrations with major suppliers.