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August 21, 2023 5:17 pm


Julian Sandy, also known as Jules, is the delighted owner of the wildly successful salon in Llynfyllin, Woofterz Dog Grooming. Jules found himself drowning in paperwork despite running a successful pet salon because of the salon’s extraordinary popularity.

Julian found a way to use Tuft to simplify his evening email and paperwork routine. Jules used to use traditional pen and paper methods before switching to Tuft,  regularly working into the night on his calendar and sorting through hundreds of messages while waiting for clients to respond.

The Success Story of Julian Sandy, A Tuft Ambassador.


Julian Sandy, known as Jules, is the proud owner of Woofterz Dog Grooming, a highly popular salon in Llynfyllin. Jules looked for a way to streamline his administrative responsibilities and increase productivity as he dealt with the difficulties of a busy salon and a mountain of paperwork.

Julian set out on a mission to transform the ways in which his salon operated since he was dedicated to giving top-notch pet grooming services. His salon was fully booked weeks in advance, which made the administrative and client management chores very difficult. It was not feasible for him to spend hours every night after work sorting through emails, contacting clients, and maintaining paperwork.

Julian found Tuft, a comprehensive system created especially for managing pet salons, after doing a lot of research. Tuft provided a number of capabilities that Julian could use to streamline and automate his administrative responsibilities. Julian recognized the potential of Tuft and introduced his customers to an easy, dependable, and practical in app booking system.

Julian changed not only his daily routine but also the entire customer experience by using Tuft. His clients could easily schedule appointments thanks to the user-friendly platform, which eliminated the need for protracted email exchanges and last-minute scheduling adjustments. Julian could easily arrange his schedule using Tuft’s calendar management tool, saving him from having to stay up late coordinating appointments manually.

Tuft’s implementation allowed Julian to concentrate more on what he enjoys doing, which is offering his four-legged clientele the best grooming services possible. By reducing the administrative requirements, Julian was free to focus his energies on growing his company and fostering relationships with clients.

Woofterz Dog Grooming continues to prosper as a result of Tufts’ integration. Julian’s choice to adopt this ground-breaking solution not only increased the effectiveness of his salon but also saved him hours of work a night. He liked it so much he became a Tuft ambassador. Julian uses his success as an example for other salon owners, demonstrating the transformative power of utilising technology to improve business processes.

The Challenge of Reducing Out of Salon Hours Administration.

Julian found a game-changer in the form of Tuft, which he used to tackle the daunting job of getting home at 10pm after a long day of work only to spend hours on administrative tasks, client communication, and sorting through numerous emails.

Tuft quickly gave Julian the assistance he so sorely needed. Utilising Tuft’s full potential, Julian presented his clients with a simple, dependable, and practical way to make appointments. The Tuft App guides clients throughout the entire booking process, where they can select the service they require for their dog at a time convenient to them.

Julian was able to save numerous hours each night by integrating a calendar-based booking system and a customer-focused SaaS platform created for mobile devices. Which you just can’t do with the traditional paper and pen method.

According to Julian, “It’s truly remarkable because clients can easily register, book appointments online, view my calendar to find available slots, and I have the flexibility to accept or reject bookings. Additionally, I can add multiple groomers, accept deposits, and overall, it’s just a revolutionary tool.”

Why Julian Chose Tuft.

Julian discovered Tuft when looking into pet booking systems, and it immediately struck his eye. Tuft stood out from the competition as the first pet booking system in the UK to have a customer-facing app. To cut down on his administrative time, Julian had a specific objective in mind, and Tuft seemed like the ideal option.

Julian was ultimately persuaded to chose Tuft by its distinctive feature, which allows his clients to make their own appointments whenever it is most convenient for them. The ability to provide a simple platform through which customers could quickly make appointments turned out to be the deciding factor for Julian. With Tuft, he could provide his clients the option to select the most convenient time for their pet grooming requirements, doing away with the need for back-and-forth correspondence and saving valuable administrative time.

By using Tuft, Julian discovered a thorough booking system that not only made his administrative work simpler but also improved the general client experience by giving them more control.

How Tuft Responded To Julian’s Needs.

uft responded to Julian’s needs by providing a solution designed to save time and enhance the customer experience. The customer-facing app, aligned with modern shopping habits, empowered pet groomer clients to shop conveniently and on their terms.

Tuft provided Julian with thorough one-on-one system training and effective customer assistance available six days a week because they understood the value of comprehensive support. This made sure Julian got the advice and help he needed to make the most of the system’s advantages for his salon.

Tuft introduced Julian to:

  1. A Streamlined Booking Process: Instead of engaging in back-and-forth email exchanges, Julian could use the Tuft app to create automated booking inquiries. This feature enabled his customers to view the next available appointment for their desired service, simplifying the booking process for both parties.
  2. Automatic Reminders: Tuft’s automatic system reminded clients and decreased the risk of no-shows by sending push notifications, SMS texts, or emails.
  3. Deposits: Tuft gave groomers the freedom to decide how much money to charge clients as a deposit. On a per-user basis, Julian may easily enable or stop customer based deposits. Deposits were introduced to the salon, which deterred no-shows, especially for new clients.

The Results.

Julian has seen incredible changes since incorporating Tuft into his salon operations, and he is currently thriving like never before. Julian now saves a significant amount of time each week by letting Tuft handle the administrative work automatically. By effectively managing the booking process, the system minimizes the need for manual involvement and streamlines business processes.

The addition of client-led bookings has “changed the game” for Julian. His clients can schedule their own visits with the Tuft App, giving them flexibility and convenience. This change has not only given his clients greater control over the booking process, but it has also decreased the amount of back-and-forth contact. With more free time, Julian can concentrate on delivering top-notch grooming services, growing his clientele, and fostering client connections.

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Are you facing the same challenges as Julian did, struggling with a lack of sufficient hours in the day? We understand the frustrations of managing administrative tasks while trying to focus on your core business. That’s why we encourage you to get in touch with us today and discover the time-saving benefits of Tuft.

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