Pet groomer referral program

Calling all pet groomers! Are you ready to unlock exclusive Tuft benefits while helping your fellow grooming professionals?

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Why should I refer a groomer?

Refer another pet groomer to Tuft and when they join our system, you’ll both enjoy Tuft Pro free for one month!* – and who doesn’t love a freebie?

Strengthen the Grooming Community

By referring other pet groomers to Tuft, you contribute to the growth and success of our industry.

Empower Your Peers

Empower fellow groomers with Tuft’s software. Streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and boost business growth with our intuitive features and dog grooming app.

Expand Your Network

As you refer more groomers to Tuft, you’ll build a valuable network of like-minded professionals. Connect, collaborate, and share insights within a community that understands the unique challenges and joys of the pet grooming industry.

It’s Win-Win

By actively participating in our referral program, you and your fellow groomers can benefit from Tuft rewards.

*terms and conditions apply.