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Not a sausage.

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    Pet owners can book anytime, adding flexibility and convenience for everyone involved. The numbers don't lie—over 43% of bookings happen when salons are closed. That's potential revenue you don't want to snooze on.
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Unless cancelled, your subscription will renew monthly at the displayed price once your trial ends. If cancelled, your plan will revert to Essential.

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Unless cancelled, your subscription will renew monthly at the displayed price once your trial ends. If cancelled, your plan will revert to Essential.

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Swifter than a collie, friendlier than a retriever. The customer support you’ve been missing

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If you’ve ever been greeted by the tail-wagging enthusiasm of a Golden Retriever, you’ve basically met Tuft. Bursting with energy, brimming with cheer, and forever loyal, Tuft is right there, eager to lend a paw.

Hold on, is it really free?!

Yes! Our Essential plan is completely free and gives you all of the essential tools you need to book and manage your clients’ appointments hassle-free.

Will my clients get automatic reminders?

Yes! Tuft sends out automated booking reminders, confirmation messages, reschedule notifications, cancellation notifications and even prompts your clients to leave reviews. Tuft is able to send email, app push notifications and if you’re on a Pro plan you’ll also benefit from unlimited SMS.

Can I send out contracts?

Absolutely! Tuft allows you to define your terms and conditions/ clip-off policies and requires your customers to accept them before they are able to make a booking through the app. If you have clients who don’t use the app, Tuft allows you to to email your contract off to them instead.

Do my clients have to use the app?

Tuft was designed to relieve you of your admin burden, which is where the client app comes into play. However, we understand that some clients can be tech-phobic which is why Tuft is able to work with or without the client app.

Can my clients book through my website?

We’re working on a special widget that you’ll be able to embed on your own website for clients to make bookings directly through you. This feature will be available to Pro users soon.

Is there an app for me?

Not yet, but it’s coming! Tuft works on all devices – mobile, tablet and computer via a web browser. Anywhere you can access the internet you can access Tuft.

Can I take deposits and/or full payments?

Absolutely! Tuft allows you to charge either a fixed, percentage-based or combination deposit helping to reduce no-shows. You’re also able to take full payments in two convenient ways – through the app or by sending your client an SMS payment link.

Deposits, SMS and in-app payments subject to a 2.5% + 5p charge

Does Tuft work with a POS card machine?

Tuft does not currently offer a card machine – however these will be coming soon. For now, you’re able to choose between two convenient payment methods – app payments or SMS payment links.

Can I cancel after my trial?

Absolutely! You’re not obliged to stay after signing up for the free trial. You’re free to cancel anytime. You’ll find links to cancel both in your billing account and also your salon dashboard. Alternatively you can email the team and we’ll be happy to assist.

What happens if I cancel?

Subscriptions are rolling monthly. You can cancel or make changes to your subscription at any time. Please note that refunds are not given for cancellations. Once your subscription is cancelled, your account will revert to an Essential plan. Your salon will still be listed on Tuft however you’ll no longer have access to premium features such as unlimited SMS.

Shaped by passionate pet professionals

Every month, we roll out enhancements and new benefits that stem directly from the feedback of our users. This iterative process ensures that Tuft isn’t just another software—it’s a continuously evolving ecosystem that adapts and grows based on genuine user needs.

Client Reporting Is Here
May Client Reporting Is Here
Add Bookings to a Personal Calendar
Apr Add Bookings to a Personal Calendar
You can now set your prices to ‘£0’!
Mar You can now set your prices to ‘£0’!