Tuft Summer Updates 2023

August 2, 2023 5:06 pm

Welcome to our summer updates 2023 blog! Here are all the new functions, and updates we have added to Tuft this summer. So let’s jump in and explore the newest additions to the software.

Complete list of Tuft updates this Summer:

Added: 28/07/23

All-Day Events Are In

Collaborate better! Add notes to your calendar’s top that the whole team can see, just like post-it notes! 📅

Individual Team Holidays

Add personal team holidays! No need to stick with salon holidays only. Simply go to: Salon Settings > Holidays > Add a Holiday.

Enjoy more flexibility and customize your calendar like never before! 🎉

View Outstanding Deposits

Now, from your dashboard, you can send deposit reminders for upcoming bookings. Easily keep track of outstanding deposits, and remind your customers. 

Only useable with app customers. ✅ 

New Ready To Collect

The ‘Completed’ status no longer sends a push notification. Instead, we have added a [Ready For Collection] button, which will send your client a push notification once pressed. 🔔

Added by popular demand.

Improved App Home Screen

We’re excited to unveil the new and improved home screen! Now, with a booking status reminder at the top, your customers will never miss an appointment! 🌟 

Combined Packages & Services Section

The packages section on the booking card now joins forces with the services section. 🤝 Find both fantastic offerings in one convenient spot! No more hopping around – everything you need in the same section!

Added: 26/06/23

Added a Working Week

We have just introduced a working week view on the calendar. Now, instead of the traditional Monday-Sunday layout, groomers can easily visualize their specific opening days. 🗓️ Enjoy a more focused and tailored calendar experience!

Pet Owners Never Miss a Notification

If Push Notifications have not been interacted with, pet owners

 will receive an SMS notification. Ensuring that all groomers’ customers always stay informed and never miss a notification!💬

Rescheduled Emails Contain Previous Appointment Details

When rescheduling a booking for a pet owner who only has an email, they will receive an email notification about the changes. ✉️  Keeping all pet owners informed!

Manually Refresh Booking Requests

🔔 We’ve introduced a convenient button in booking requests that allow groomers to automatically refresh to check for new requests.

From Messages to Pet Owner Profiles

Now, groomers can simply click on pet owners’ names in the messages section to directly access their profiles. 💼🔗 Enjoy a seamless and efficient way to navigate and engage with pet owners!