3 of our favourite planet-friendly pet products to switch to today

May 26, 2021 11:19 am

As humans, we should all aim at making the world a better place. This includes doing our best to be environmentally friendly and respectful of our goddess – mother nature. Pet owners can also do their bit, and when it comes to our doggos there are some natural, eco-friendly options that you can try and eat for a happy and healthy pooch, whilst being environmentally aware.

Biodegradable Poop Bags

Dogs poop, and some dogs poop a lot. It’s a fact of being a dog pawrent. One easy switch that you can make is to purchase biodegradable poop bags. Biodegradable poop bags aren’t as harmful to the environment as they decompose within 90 days.

Earth Rated have a range of poop bags which are latex-free and are made from vegetable starches, making them fully biodegradable! Leakproof guarantee also means you’ll never get the dreaded poop leakage onto your hands…we’ve all been there.

You’ll come up smelling of roses with these. Or lavender.

Consider making your own food

This might sound unrealistic for the everyday rush-rush. But think about it: most likely you cook for yourself daily. Why not take that time and try to whip something for your pet as well

On one hand, you’ll know what kind of products your dog food is made of… goodbye preservatives and added nonsense. On the other hand, which dog doesn’t want to eat off your plate anyways? Russle them up a plate of their own. Here are some recipes online to start with. Honestly, some of them sound more appetising than human food, yikes.

Not a fan of cooking? If this tip is definitely not for you, you can always check out ZIWI’s treats.

Eco-friendly dog toys

We can go all old-school and make our toys from scratch and by hand. Already we’re skipping the emissions that go into factory production and transport. This would require you having some extra time on your hands though, and Eco-friendly dog toys can simply be bought online, like these tug ropes from Goodchaps.

Goodchaps are an awesome company that also has biodegradable packaging made from plants (plastic-free!) and they help treat dogs in need at rescue centres. So an awesome, not to mention, natural, brand overall.

Our friends over at Goodchaps, have kindly shared a discount code for our Tuft readers, helping you get started on making those planet-friendly switches today. For 15% off across the Goodchaps website, use the code Tuft15.

Thanks Goodchaps!