4 Reasons Dog Groomers Are Lifesavers

July 12, 2022 11:52 am

Dogs, the reason many of us get up in the morning, whether it’s by choice or not. They are our life-long companions that we couldn’t possibly do without. At Tuft we certainly couldn’t. And since the pandemic according to rover.com 42% of UK dog owners welcomed a new dog into their household, taking the pooch population to over 12 million.

Embracing a new companion into the family is like having a new child, there is lots of learning, excitement, sleepless nights, and unfortunately the odd illness or accident too. Since the pandemic vets have been overwhelmed with poorly pets, according to petkeen.com there are over 34 million domestic animals in the UK, and statista.com states there are only 27.2 thousand employed veterinarians. Vetspanel.com believes UK veterinarians have seen more than a 40% raise in patients since the pandemic began in 2020. Meaning vet checkups can be hard to come by, leaving owners frustrated when appointments are less regularly available, especially when in some cases checkups get taken by paranoid pet parents. But we understand, if you feel under the weather you visit a doctor, so it’s only natural to book a vet appointment as soon as a concern arises with your pet. 

With vet appointments being hard to come by, it’s not uncommon for dog groomers to be first in line to find defects in dogs.

“Groomers play an important role when it comes to our pets wellbeing. Groomers are responsible for much more than washing and trimming and as someone who has done the job before, I know how necessary regular grooms and checks are for the health and welfare of our pets”. – Fiona Eldridge RVN, Lead Veterinary Nurse at Buddycare

1. Groomers, first in line dog carers

According to groomarts.com, over a quarter of pet owners admit they like to pamper their pets. Trips to a pet salon include hygienic care, washing a dog, and the trim itself. Groomers brush or comb out mats before bathing a dog, making it easier to lather in shampoo and treat, giving pooches a full spa experience. Salon trips can take up to two hours according to petsathome.com depending on the type of hair a dog has, the size of the breed, and whether it’s a full groom or not. That’s a lot of pampering time. During this time dog groomers can detect stress, ailments, and illnesses early, including cancer, which could potentially save lives. The Mirror in June 2022 created an article urging dog owners to take pets to groomers. Tuft ambassador Lucy Baker, of Shaggy & Chic Grooming Salon in Hertfordshire, featured saying grooming is “so important for the overall health and happiness” of the nation’s dogs, “regular dog grooming isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.”. 

2. They examine where you might not

Dog groomers examine ears to anal glands, and spend a lot of time in areas that owners don’t. Dog groomers keep on top of overgrown nails which can cause joint problems and pain, over-filled glands which can cause infections and stool problems, and even hair that grows within the ear canal of a dog that needs to be plucked to prevent infection.  Grooming also helps to keep on top of nasty parasites like ticks and fleas, which often remain hidden and grab on to hard-to-reach areas. Naturally, groomers examine every single inch of a dog’s body, giving them the ability to detect the slightest bumps or unwanted guests. 

Sometimes groomers have to spend longer in areas than they would like to because of client requests like “A skin fade around a dog’s bottom hole.” Tuft ambassador Lucy Baker tells us. Where most owners neglect, groomers don’t shy away, and make sure their job is thoroughly done.

3. Frequent dog grooming routine checkups

Every 4 to 6 weeks. That’s how often dogs should undergo some form of grooming according to oldfarmvet.com. Of course, that depends on the breed of the dog and the service, but every 4 to 6 weeks is much more frequent than owners would hope to see a vet. These routine grooming checkups are beyond important in maintaining pet’s health. 

It’s common for groomers to have an uncomfortable conversation with the owner such as “your pet may need to consider changing over to a lighter diet.” due to overfeeding, or depending on what the pet salon offers, some advice on extra hygiene and skincare products. The additional healthcare check ups included in dog grooms are an unspoken undervalued service that doesn’t get included with the cost, it’s just the nature of the business. Regular dog grooms give dog owners an added benefit of additional pet care, if an illness or defect is detected, an early appointment to the veterinarians with a credible source could help protect or save a dog’s life.

4. Groomers help dogs to destress

Dogs benefit massively from a full-groom + full-body MOT, not just physically but also mentally. Dtailsgrooming.net believes dogs don’t just look good after a groom, but it makes them feel good too. With a thorough cross-examination, a fresh groom, and a happy feeling dog, it’ll help ease stress and anxiety, and keep pooches feeling healthy and happy.

Dog grooming is an important part of all dogs’ lives, not just because of the well-styled groom itself, but all the added benefits that go along with it. Groomers are lifesavers, they are a frontline and frequent solution to getting regular health checks for dogs, they can spot problems that may go undetected by an owner and recommend whether it’s worth making a trip to a veterinarian. 

Did you know how important it is to get your dog groomed? If you have anything extra to share or a different view let us know in the comments below.

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