4 Reasons reviews on Tuft are important for your pet grooming salon.

January 24, 2023 2:33 pm

Would you consider getting a tattoo from an artist you have never heard of and that you can’t find any information about online? Naturally our internal alarm bells ring, and we associate lack of accessible information with distrust. When a job is done well we talk about it and share our views with others.

Can you think of the last time you saw something and you just had to tell your friends or family about it? Have you ever had an amazing experience at a restaurant and shared positive feedback on social media with a delicious looking picture? Tuft gives your customers access to an easy to use reviewing platform that lets them sing your praises for others to see. 

Here is 4 reasons why dog grooming reviews are important to your business.

1 – Become a trusted dog groomer 

Dog grooming reviews are a crucial door way to new customers. The idea of taking a dog to a new dog groomer can be stressful, there are lots of factors to think about such as, price, distance, animal welfare, products used, and the groom itself. That’s why potential customers want to know what others have experienced at your salon before they give you a try. Trust is earned, and reviews are an excellent way of providing confidence and an early form of trust for your new potential customers.

On a daily basis you go beyond the call of duty for your customers, and plenty of them say they will leave you a positive review, but don’t… It’s not personal, people are busy, and sometimes they forget. Not only is it quick, but every review is verified, because only your real customers will get access to leaving review on your profile. No fakes here.

Reviews let your clients celebrate your success and all the things that you’re good at. While proving you are a trusted dog groomer to those who are seeking more information.

Here’s some examples of reviews verified customers have left dog grooming salons on Tuft.


2 – Tuft reviews are free

Because reviews are so important, companies like Feefo and Trustpilot exist. They are paid for services that integrate into websites which allow people to leave reviews. However these services come at a cost. Both Feefo and Trustpilot understand how important reviews are when it comes to making an informed decision. With Tuft, it’s completely free.

Tuft has its own review system which is included in the software itself, at no extra cost, and it’s fully included in both the PREMIUM and MULTI subscriptions. We understand the importance of giving customers a voice, and how impactful the results can be.

3 – Every review on Tuft is a referral 

Imagine a new dog owner in your area uses the app for the first time, but there is a competitor not too far from you with similar pricing. What your customers say about you is your unique identity that can’t be copied. Each review is a personal testimonial to what makes you special and shares how you stand out from others.

A massive 79% of customers put as much weight on online reviews as they would on personal recommendations, according to dixa.com. Meaning online reviews now carry as much credibility as a personal recommendation from someone you know. They help create customer confidence and encourage their purchasing decisions by reducing doubts.

4 – Reviews empower your customers


Tuft reviews help to take your prospects all the way through the journey to becoming empowered advocates. Not only can people who don’t yet know about you find you, but they can read a verified review, become a first-time customer, and keep coming back. 

Giving your customers a way to leave a review empowers them and gives them an extra way to get involved and become advocates for your salon. Advocates want to have their voices heard on what’s important to them. Have you ever told a long-time loyal customer that you’ve gained a new client based on something they did? Knowing they converted a prospect into a customer is incredibly rewarding and empowering. It’s a win = win situation.

Tuft Reviews let your customers get involved with your salon, influence other people who might be  looking to find a new groomer, and promote your success. 

If you’re thinking about getting a new booking system that includes a free review platform, you can try Tuft for free for 3-months. Let your customers promote your business and start building your salon’s advocates. 

Are you thinking of trying a pet booking software in the future?

Imagine a world where your calendar gets filled while you’re dreaming of tennis balls and treats. Over 43% of our furry friends’ humans booked when salons were having a nap in 2023. With Tuft, every day is a walk in the park! Start your 3-month free trial today, and see what Tuft has to offer.