5 benefits of a booking system

August 14, 2023 12:12 pm

First of all, there is nothing wrong with the traditional way of recording bookings, there is a reason dog groomers still use paper diaries today… So, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? 

Well, Tuft isn’t here to “fix” anything; we just want to enhance what your paper diary already does while giving you some fantastic extra benefits to go along with your already tried and tested method.

Booking systems might seem a little scary if you’re not used to using technology, but the benefits largely outweigh the possible drawbacks. And we are here to help you understand why.

1. Everything in one place

Like with your paper diary, Tuft will keep track of your client’s information, such as the date and time of the appointment and the services they require. But not only that, Tuft allows your customers to make booking requests directly into your diary. The owner’s and dog’s information will automatically get stored in your client’s list upon accepting the booking request, meaning you have a permanent electronic record of your client’s information and all of their booking history. You can even use the online chat function to message customers and adjust booking requests to a time or day that suits you.

If you’re a salon that operates with multiple team members, you can view the entire team’s bookings at once (daily, weekly, or monthly) on one screen, rather than over several different diaries. 

You can add open and closed times, holidays, and allocate time to take breaks. During these closed times, customers can’t request booking appointments, which means you are fully in control of your booking system, day and night, all year round. 

Going digital means that you will always have an easily accessible, constantly available, and up-to-date booking system that you can rely on and trust. You’ll have access to booking information of the entire time you have used the system. Meaning you could find booking information from weeks ago, or even years ago in an instant.

2. The App & Shopping habits

With Tuft, you gain a free directory listing where your customers and people from your local area can find you and gain access to a powerful app-based booking system.

Which allows them to:

  1. Upload all of their dog’s information
  2. Select a service you have to offer
  3. Select a time that suits both you and them
  4. Make a booking request
  5. Leave a review
  6. Rebook effortlessly when they need to

Tuft gives you a simple way to bring in your prospects, turn them into customers, and keep them returning as stable clients. Tuft will manage your customer journey from the start, so you don’t have to.

Did you know 90% of customer journeys begin with a need and a search? According to Google, searches for “open now near me” have grown globally by over 400% YOY. 

People are looking for the most convenient time in their area. Meaning that we are relying on technology when making a decision. Tuft allows its users to capitalize on those ‘near me’ searches by providing them with a list of services, prices, opening hours, and locations via the app.

Let customers shop for your services, the way they want to. Shopping habits are hard to break, and your young consumers (now our biggest generation) expect to find you online. According to opinionmonster.com, mobile shopping is a big deal. 57% of phone users admit to window shopping for fun on their smartphones, 77% of those shoppers make impulse purchases, and 80% will return and purchase within the first hour of seeing a product/service. Tuft gives your customers an easy way to come back and book your services.

Don’t miss out. Make the most out of those crucial local searches.

3. Unlimited notifications sent directly to your customers

Have you ever been in a situation where a customer doesn’t show up because they have forgotten their appointment? We know this happens to everyone… especially around bank holidays. This puts you in an awkward position of either missing out on money or upsetting a client. And we know how much relationships matter, so it’s never an easy decision to make.

Tuft sends your customers 2 notifications to make sure they don’t forget. We are here to help; there is no need for you to do it yourself, Tuft will do it for you.

We send notifications:

  • 48/72 (your choice) hours before the appointment
  • 24 hours before the appointment

4. Free up the admin and increase your response time

When you first became a dog groomer, did you know how much admin would be involved? No one warns you about how much of a time-sink your admin duties will be. Dealing with customers can be hard and time-consuming, and you have a million things to do, with a list of a million more to come. And, sometimes, customers don’t seem to understand why you couldn’t pick up the phone. 

Missed calls happen, and it’s just as irritating for you as it is for your customers. With Tuft, your new or previous customers can book a time slot instantly. With a system that takes booking requests 24/7, customer satisfaction will shoot through the roof as you can show your availability in real-time – anytime!

5. Other groomers love it, and it’s easy to start

You’re not the only person who is using a paper diary. We have had plenty of people come to us and simply say they struggle with using new technology. We understand because it’s not easy, and this is YOUR business we are talking about. However, with Tuft, we ensure you have enough time to trial the system and give you all the support you need through training and the help centre.

Here is what some of our groomers have to say about Tuft:

We are constantly updating the system to make it easier for first-time users. But not only that, the Tuft team is here to help and support you in any way we can. To help you thrive, we have a free data transfer service. This means we can offer you a fresh, up-to-date start when you begin your Tuft journey. Whether it’s a paper diary or switching from a different system, our team will upload all of your appointments onto Tuft, ready for you to use as soon as you begin. The free data transfer service is available for any groomer at any time.

We want to save you time, money, and heartache by providing you with a booking system you can trust. There is no need to take our word for it. When you join Tuft, you’ll get added to ‘The Pack’, a WhatsApp group designed for your feedback where you can chat with us and other Tuft groomers.

You can try Tuft free for 3-months.

No need to invest, we’ll give you enough time to get a feel for the system and know if it’s for you. There are no commitments, no hidden fees, just complete access to the UK and Ireland’s first app-integrated pet salon management software. 

If you are still hesitant, we offer 1 on 1 training to help you learn the ins and outs. And you can book a demo with us at a convenient time for your schedule. It only takes around 15 minutes, and we can show you how to set up your salon’s booking system, how the booking journey works, and how it looks from the customer’s side. 

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