5 Things to Know Before Taking a Cockapoo to the Groomers

August 11, 2022 2:59 pm

You’re a proud owner of one of the cutest breeds around, the Cockapoo. They are highly intelligent, friendly and energetic. Cockapoos inherit their stunning coats from both their Poodle and Cocker Spaniel parents, giving them three possible coat types; extremely curly, wavy and loose, or straight and flowing. This variation of low-shedding coat types can make it difficult to understand what is expected from dog owners to maintain their knotty coats. So we’ve put together some top tips from our amazing Tuft ambassadors and the experts at Mutneys to help you understand what to expect when taking your Cockapoo to the dog groomer.

1 – How often should you groom your Cockapoo?

Brushing your Cockapoo at home to prevent matting is crucial, regardless of coat type. If your poodle mix has tight, curly hair, it’s recommended to brush their coat daily. Alternatively, if your dog has a straight or flat coat, it’s recommended to brush the coat 4 – 5 times a week. Grooming experts at Mutneys Professional Pet Care, a manufacturer and supplier of professional grooming equipment say “Poodle crosses in particular are severely prone to matting, tangles, and knots, which can cause their skin to become extremely tight and sore. If owners do not brush their dog in between grooming appointments, they run the risk of extreme matting and groomers can often have no other choice but to shave the dog down to their skin, to avoid major discomfort and pain that would be caused by trying to work the tangles out.” 

Cockapoos should be taken to a professional groomer once every 4-6 weeks to maintain a healthy length coat, according to Tuft Ambassador Emma Li from Inu Groom. Other breeds may require a 6-8 week cycle. However it does depend on the individual case as the variation of Cockapoo coats can be both ends of the scale, from a 50/50 mix to more of a lean towards one of the specific breeds within its genetic makeup. 

Here is an example of a Shorkiepoo (Shih Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier & Poodle mix). Tuft ambassador James May, who is a Groomer at Gallipots, groomed this Shorkiepoo after 12 weeks, during which they had a few trips to the beach. A combination of salt water and natural air-drying without brushing left this dog with an uncomfortable, unhealthy and unsafe coat.

James identified an extremely matted coat, as well as ticks and grass seeds dangerously making their way into the poor pooch’s chest, resulting in a complete shave of the dog’s coat. Regular dog grooming checkups provide your Cockapoo with a full-body MOT that could prevent illnesses, find parasites and save lives. 
Here is an example from Lindsay Warren at Lush Puppy Mobile Pet Grooming of a Cockapoo who hadn’t seen a groomer for 6 months.

A matted thick condensed coat can often hide health defects, parasites, grass seeds and can cause severe overheating, which brings huge risks to the dog’s health. 

2 – What to expect on arrival at a dog groomers

Every dog is different; almost all groomers will need to have an in-depth discussion with you about your dog on arrival. It’s important for groomers to understand your dog’s physical and mental requirements, as well as the full extent of the groom. This includes regular clients too as our pooches’ needs are ever changing!

Mutneys adds “It is important to be aware that some reputable groomers will run a comb through the dog’s coat whilst booking the dog in and if the comb doesn’t go through the fur smoothly (i.e the coat is tangled/matted), then the groomer will ask the owner to sign T&Cs to make them aware that the groomer may have no other choice but to shave their dog.”

Dog grooming consultations are an important and necessary part of any Cockapoo grooming. During the consultation, you’ll discuss treatments, type of groom, price, and styles. Pricing could change depending on the dog’s coat type and coat condition.

3 – Should you bathe a Cockapoo before or after grooming?

According to Tuft ambassador James May at Gallipots, in almost all cases dog groomers will bathe your dog at the start of the groom. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to wash and brush their coat at home between grooming appointments. 

We highly recommend Mutneys Anti-Tangle Shampoo, which has been specifically formulated to reduce tangles, knots and matts. “This 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner is perfect for bathing your Poodles, Doodles, Cockapoos etc, as it helps condition the coat and reduce knots, whilst leaving a refreshing watermelon scent!” commented by Mutneys. This shampoo is available online at www.mutneys.com

4 – How often should you brush your cockapoo?

Every day (minimum 4-5 times a week) for 15 minutes. This isn’t just to remove knots, but brushing helps to remove environmental and seasonal compounds on the coat such as pollen. According to James May a Groomer at Gallipot, and Emma Li from Inu Groom.

What are the best Cockapoo grooming tools to use?

Brush (an essential item)

Mutneys universal non-slip hard pin slicker brush is perfect for grooming poodle mix coats.

Anti-Tangle Spray 

Mutneys Anti-Tangle Spray is a life-saver to brush out those tangles and matts. It is a light but effective aid, which has a refreshing watermelon scent. Simply spray liberally onto the trouble spots and work through the area with a brush.

For best results, use in conjunction with Mutneys Anti-Tangle Shampoo!

Top tip!

If you’re looking to stock up on some products to groom your Cockapoo at home, why not try Mutneys Home Dog Grooming Kit for Detangling. This is a great value pack containing all the must-have products when it comes to keeping your poodle crosses skin and hair healthy, properly maintained and under control.

Also, don’t forget you can always ask your groomer to share their wealth of knowledge on how to brush your Cockapoo and prevent knots. We are sure they would be happy to offer any advice! 

5 – Can I cut my Cockapoos coat myself?

No. Would you cut your own hair? It’s probably best to leave it to the experts. Cockapoos have particularly tricky coats to groom, so we would recommend leaving it to the professionals who can give your dog the best cut and style possible. However, brushing the coat at home between grooms is essential. 

Lucy Baker of Shaggy & Chic Grooming Salon says ‘We have the odd home-haircut but it’s always unsuccessful and the owner admits it’s easier to bring the dog to the groomers’. 

How often do you take your Cockapoo to get groomed? If you’re looking for a groomer near you Tuft is a FREE app that you can use to find, book and review a dog groomer in your area. 

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