How Buddycare is helping pet parents everywhere!

April 20, 2023 3:44 pm

Buddycare is the new top dog for pet health and wellness – built by vets and loved by pets! 

Every human on our team is a pet parent, and our in-house vet experts include two veterinary surgeons and our fantastic lead vet nurse, Fiona.  

After decades on the frontline, our pet-loving pros understand the unconditional love between pet and owner more than most. 

They’ve dedicated their lives to animals and bonded with many pets, looking after them, healing them, and even saving some lives!

We know they’re your whole world because they’re ours too. And because of this, we created Buddycare, so pet parents everywhere can give furry family members the life they deserve.

We’re here to inspire responsible ownership and champion proactive pet care to help you prevent ill health and avoid the vets. 

So, we’ve got everything you need to keep cats and dogs healthy and happy rolled into one nifty online platform. 

You can speak to a vet nurse for free on live chat or book a consultation and get a personalised health plan. Also, free! 

Our services are on the house, because we want to encourage more pet owners to turn to a professional for support.  

Not unreliable and potentially unsafe information from friends or on the internet that could put your pet’s health at risk 

Discover why Buddycare has tongues and tails wagging! Stick around for a few mins while we break down all the benefits below…

Free Vet Nurse Consultations 

You don’t have to buy our products or be a customer to access our free vet nurse consultations. 

With Buddycare, you can video call a registered vet nurse online any time you have a query about your pet.  

Whether it’s dental health, diet, nutrition, behavioural, parasites or just a general pet peeve that’s been eating away at you.  

You can rely on our nurses and their decades of experience instead of spending endless hours searching for answers online  

And best of all, our consultations are completely free, unlimited, and can be booked on the go, or from the comfort of your couch.

What’s more, our qualified vet nurses can create personalised health plans tailored to your pet to support any ongoing issues. 

And of course, we don’t just expect you to take our word for it.  

We’re rated excellent on TrustPilot and you can see all our reviews from other pet parents here

Book your free vet nurse consult here. 

Live Chat with a Vet Nurse 

Got a pet health question, after product advice or just need some expert tips to be the best pawrent ever?  

With Buddycare you can live chat with a vet nurse for free, as many times as you like! The catch? There isn’t one! 

You just need to download Whatsapp on your desktop or mobile phone and you’re good to go!

As pet parents, we can all be natural worry warts and sometimes it can be difficult to know what’s best for our beloved buddies. 

That’s where our live chat can help! Our registered vet nurses are available to provide real, honest and professional advice.  

They will let you know if your issue can be resolved from home or if a vet visit is necessary. 

Our goal is to help owners identify any potential health issues early so pets can live their very best lives.

Connect with a vet nurse on live chat now.

Pet Health Products and Supplements 

Our in-house vet team have hand-picked the best pet health products to keep dogs and cats bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! 

Our supplements are packed with safe scientifically proven and natural ingredients to give furry family members an extra health boost.

We selected each product to solve some of the most common health and behaviour issues that impact pets and owners.

These specially formulated nutraceuticals can enhance pet wellbeing, reduce anxiety, support healthy digestion and joints and improve hygiene and health.

This includes Dental Healthcare, Joint Care Behavioural Support and Digestive Care

We’ve also got products for general health, hygiene and routine pet care including Ear Care, Liver Care and L-Lysine for cats. 

We created our new range with every kind of pet parent in mind. Whether you have a senior pet, an anxious dog or a cat with death breath! 

We know times are ruff, and the cost of living is biting everyone hard, so Buddycare prices are fair and created for all budgets.

Because we know cutting back on pet care may end up costing some pet parents more later down the line.  

Skipping routine vet visits and switching to cheaper pet food may seem like a quick solution to save some pennies.

But doing so can have worse consequences that could impact your pet’s health and your bank balance in the future.

Along with feeding your pet a well-balanced quality diet, supplements can help pets stay healthy, vibrant and happy from home.  

Fetch Buddycares New Supplements Here

Supporting Small Businesses 

Along with supporting pet parents, we’re working with small businesses now too!  

As a start-up, we recognise the importance of making profit, especially with the cost of living rising through the woof!  

If you own a grooming salon, doggy daycare, cattery, kennel or any other pet care business, you can join forces with Buddycare to keep pets healthy and happy!  

By becoming one of our partner pals, you can get your paws on all our products wholesale at rebarkably competitive prices. 

Our pawtners also get full access to our qualified veterinary nurses, who can be made available instantly online via live chat or for scheduled consultations. 

If you or your customers have a question about our products, the ingredients or the best way to use them, our experts can support you every step of the way in real-time.

Being our Buddy also means we can collaborate with you to showcase your business and promote good pet care practices together. 

Here’s what our friend Becky over at Scruff to Buff Dogs, Holistic Dog Groomers said about her experience with Buddycare.

You’ll even have access to our huge pack of partners who can bark from the wooftops about your business too!

If you want to work with Buddycare or have any more questions, visit here and complete the quick form.  

The BuddyHub 

For introverted pet parents who prefer chatting with their pets over people (we get it) our Buddyhub is for you!  

Here you will find health and wellness advice and expert pet parenting tips from our veterinary professionals. 

We cover it all! From getting rid of fleas and ticks to saving money on pet care and the essentials our nurses keep at home! 

Discover all the industry tips and tricks to keep cats and dogs healthy and happy from real-life experts.  

Head to the Buddyhub 

Pet Insurance (coming soon) 

We want pet parents to have peace of mind that their cats and dogs will always be covered in the event of a catastrophe.

Buddycares insurance is pet insurance exactly how it should be. It’s about us being there for you and your pet just when you really need us.

Launching later this year, our new pet insurance will protect pets against hospitalisation only.

Anytime your pet is kept in your local vet, whether it’s for tests, x-rays, or surgery, you will be covered with no excess to pay!

Buddycare insurance will come with a low monthly payment, because we leave out all the bells and whistles that come with your typical pet insurance. 

So, there’s no long-term disease, behavioural, or lost pet cover.

Instead, we keep it short, sweet and simple! We’ve removed all the confusion from pet insurance and stripped it back to the necessary basics and what it’s supposed to be!

With Buddycare, you have extra security and comfort knowing you’ll be protected from huge bills if your pet becomes an inpatient. 

In plain English, that just means anytime they cannot have treatment administered at home.

And you never have to worry about finances or breaking the bank every month because our monthly payment is affordable.

As vets and nurses, we want to encourage more pet parents to take out pet insurance as we’ve witnessed all the horror stories first-hand. 

It’s devastating to watch pet owners making terrible emotional decisions that may not be in their pet’s best interest because of finances.

With our pet insurance, you’ll never have to feel the pressure of making hasty choices when it comes to your pet’s health.

Because we’ve got your buddy’s back for the big stuff!

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