Is Dog Grooming Still Profitable for New Groomers?

February 16, 2023 11:40 am

Yes absolutely. The pet grooming industry has been growing rapidly in recent years due to the pet boom during the pandemic, with many pet owners seeking out premium grooming services for their furry companions. The dog grooming industry, in particular, has seen a significant increase in demand, and we don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon; here’s why.

How likely is the dog grooming business to grow?

The dog grooming business is highly likely to grow. The pet grooming industry is estimated to be worth over £30 billion by 2030 with a steady CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 5-6%, which is huge! 

The demand for pet grooming services continues to grow. Due to pet parents getting younger (35.2% of Millennials own a pet compared to 32.7% of boomers) and the increase in popularity of fashionable Poodle cross breeds, the pet grooming industry has never been more in demand. In recent years, pet owners have become more aware of the importance of grooming for their pet’s health and well-being, and as a result, many are seeking out premium grooming services for their dogs, instead of attempting a full groom at home. It’s estimated that Poodle cross breeds need to get groomed on average 8 times per year (every 6-8 weeks), presenting a big opportunity for dog grooming businesses. Currently, some groomers are booked months in advance, which represents s an unbelievable demand for new talented young pet groomers. 

According to a survey conducted in February by Research Without Borders, over two-thirds of pet owners will spend more money on their pets than on themselves. Meaning concern over pet welfare is a high priority in pet owners’ minds. If you’re thinking about expanding your business are starting out as a groomer, there is a golden opportunity right now.

Where can you learn about dog grooming courses?

There are several options for those who want to learn about dog grooming in the United Kingdom. The most common way to get trained as a dog groomer is to attend a dedicated grooming school or course, e.g. City & Guilds and KD Grooming Studio offer a variety of courses from principles and practices to improve techniques. Most training centres offer on-site and online courses, making it easier for people to attend courses from the comfort of their own homes.

Another great option for learning about dog grooming is to attend apprenticeships or internships. Lots of pet groomers offer apprenticeships or internships to individuals who are interested in learning more about the industry and gaining hands-on experience. This hands-on approach lets you work alongside experienced groomers and gain a thorough understanding of the industry.

Is the mobile dog grooming business profitable?

Mobile dog grooming businesses can be highly profitable if they are well-managed and run efficiently. Meaning you’ll need to be well-equipped with high-quality grooming tools and supplies. Mobile dog grooming businesses offer several advantages over traditional grooming salons, including the ability to reach a wider customer base, the ability to offer services in a convenient and comfortable setting, and the ability to offer more personalized services.

One of the key advantages of mobile dog grooming is the ability to reach a wider customer base. Mobile grooming businesses can reach pet owners who may not be able to take their pets to a traditional grooming salon, such as those who live in rural areas or who have limited transportation options. This can help to increase the overall customer base for the business and can result in more repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

In addition to reaching a wider customer base, mobile dog grooming businesses can also offer services in a convenient and comfortable setting for pet owners. Many pet owners prefer to have their pets groomed in the comfort of their own homes, as it eliminates the stress and anxiety that some pets may experience when travelling to a traditional grooming salon. This offers a more personalized experience, letting you build a long-lasting relationship with clients.

PetTech is here to help.

Pet technology has advanced to the point where software is available to handle administrative tasks, send appointment notifications to customers, and drive new business. The existence of booking software provides an opportunity for grooming businesses, particularly new ones, to streamline their operations and simplify the process for customers through the use of user-friendly online booking systems. While some grooming professionals may prefer the traditional methods of using paper and phone calls, taking advantage of these technological solutions can bring huge benefits for grooming businesses.

Tuft is a unique booking system offering a one-of-a-kind solution for pet owners and groomers alike. Tuft integrates a pet owner’s app with a pet groomer’s calendar and business management system, creating a seamless marketplace for pet grooming services.

According to Tom Horton All Breeds Pet Services – ‘The app and taking lots of requests, bookings, and deposits. I can hand on heart say it has been a real turning point for the business. I think the customers really love the ease of which to request appointments, pay the deposits etc.’

To sum it all up.

Dog grooming is still profitable. The dog grooming business in the United Kingdom is highly likely to grow in the coming years, as the demand for pet grooming services continues to increase. We love our pets, and are willing to pay for premium services and products to get the best well-being for our furry friends.

There are many options for individuals starting out, such as learning about dog grooming courses, private schools, apprenticeships, and online courses. Mobile dog grooming businesses can also be highly profitable, as long as it is well managed and runs efficiently, and they offer several advantages over traditional grooming salons.

If you’re interested in starting your own dog grooming business or pursuing a career in the pet grooming industry, the opportunities for growth and success are still there even in 2023, and with the right training and dedication, you can make a positive impact on the lives of pet owners and their furry companions.

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