Lucy Baker’s Shaggy & Chic Success Story

May 16, 2024 1:39 pm


From Paper & Pen to a Digital Diary Devotee.

Get ready to dive into the success tale of Shaggy & Chic Dog Grooming and how Tuft fits seamlessly into their daily routine! Tuft is a simple effective way to level up your business, you’ve landed in the perfect spot. 

Lucy Baker, the brains behind Shaggy & Chic, absolutely adores Tuft Pro—it’s like their digital diary superhero, making life easier for her, her awesome team, and their beloved furry clients!
Lucy talks about her digital transformation:

“We love it, that’s why everyone should use Tuft.” – Lucy Baker

Shaggy & Chic

Say hello to Lucy, the dedicated mastermind behind a thriving salon filled with team members! Her knack for managing bookings with just paper and pen has kept things running smoothly, and thanks to the business’s growth, she’s ready to level up with a digital diary to stay ahead of the game. Her mission? To find a system that her team will rave about! With team members of all ages and skills, Lucy needed:

  1. Something super user-friendly
  2. Advanced features of a leading booking system – like automated SMS
  3. A way to manage appointments easily for team members and customers

Tuft is the perfect match for Lucy and her team! 

Lucy Baker’s Journey: From Pen-and-Paper Pro to Digital Diary Devotee

Lucy’s salon, Shaggy & Chic Dog Grooming, was rocking the old-school pen-and-paper bookings until the demand grew and customers needed more convenience. That’s when Lucy knew it was time for an upgrade! Customers were having a tough time snagging appointments during busy hours, so Lucy wanted a solution that would make everyone happy. Her, her team, and her customers.

Enter Tuft! This super-friendly digital calendar came to the support Shaggy & Chic Dog Grooming, making booking a breeze for both Lucy’s team and their furry clients. With Tuft’s easy-to-use design, Lucy’s salon went from traditional to modern without missing a beat. 

The result? More bookings, smoother days, and tons of happy pet parents! Here’s what we did:

1. An Easy-to-Use System:
Tuft Pro is the ultimate fusion of tech experts and grooming gurus, collaborating to craft something that’s a breeze for everyone. Whether you’re a tech whiz or a complete newbie, our digital diary is packed with all the essentials to thrive in today’s world. We’ve run it through the paces with both rookies and veterans to ensure every feature feels like second nature. It’s like transforming your old paper diary into a turbocharged powerhouse, making it quicker, friendlier, and easier to navigate. Lucy’s team jumped right in and found Tuft so intuitive—they were amazed at how quickly they mastered the system!

2. A System With All the Bells and Whistles:

Tuft Pro is like the ultimate toolbox for groomers—it’s got everything and then some! Picture this: unlimited SMS reminders, unlimited team members, and automatic bookings galore. Tuft brings together the best of both worlds, combining traditional charm with all the must-haves of today. When it comes to digital diaries, Tuft isn’t just ahead of the game—it’s running laps around the competition! With a handy app for pet owners and a super-responsive software for groomers, Tuft covers all the bases for a modern salon. Plus, with the all-inclusive Tuft Pro plan, you get access to absolutely everything without any extra fees. That means Lucy’s salon can kiss goodbye to booking hassles, send reminders with ease, and have a system that even the least tech-savvy team members can handle like a breeze.

3. Easily Manageable Appointments
Lucy was in need of a simpler way to handle appointments, and Tuft delivered! Now, with Tuft, groomers like Lucy can offer their clients access to the Tuft bookings app. This means customers can book their appointments hassle-free, without ever needing to pick up the phone. It’s as easy as pie for Lucy’s clients—they just hop onto the app, pick their desired service, and send a booking request. And the best part? They can do this anytime, day or night, 24/7!

These requests land directly in Lucy’s booking request tab, where she can easily accept, reschedule, or decline them. Lucy can to manage her salon schedule effortlessly while providing her customers with a convenient way to book their appointments.

“When my colleagues first used it, they commented on how easy it is to use.” – Lucy Baker

With Tuft in her corner, Lucy can finally bid farewell to paper & pen and hello to a digital diary. Tuft waved its magic wand, leaving Lucy free to do what she does best: pampering pups and making them look like royalty. Now, Lucy can breathe easy knowing that her team and customers are taken care of.

Thanks to Tuft handling all the nitty-gritty tasks, Lucy’s salon has blossomed, giving her the freedom to channel her energy where it truly counts. Her success story speaks volumes!

Why Lucy Chose Tuft:

Lucy didn’t just find Tuft out of the blue. She looked around and saw that Tuft had everything she needed to make her salon’s life easier. It’s easy to use and sends reminders automatically. Tuft had Lucy covered in every way! Plus, it had even more cool stuff, like:

  • 6-day-a-week support
  • Unlimited SMS
  • A great looking system
  • Automatic bookings
  • A pet parent booking app

It’s a complete and easy-to-use digital diary that’s accessible to everyone.

A Digital Transformation Success

Lucy’s transition from paper-and-pen bookings to Tuft’s digital diary was a great step forward for Shaggy & Chic Dog Grooming. Tuft Pro offered Lucy a convenient solution to manage appointments seamlessly, empowering her team and delighting her customers.

Now, Lucy can focus on pampering pups while Tuft handles the administrative tasks effortlessly. With features like unlimited SMS reminders and automatic bookings, Tuft has revolutionized salon management for Lucy.

In Lucy’s own words, “It’s so easy it’s basically self-explanatory.” Thanks to Tuft, Lucy’s salon has thrived, showcasing the power of technology in enhancing business operations.

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