The Success Story of Hannah Hart-Smith

June 27, 2024 3:55 pm

Organizing your bookings is hard. It’s a lot of paperwork and admin. Quite often, you don’t realize how much trouble you’re in until you’re in way too deep. And then it’s like a whole ocean of paperwork to swim through, with a constant downpour of even more. But it doesn’t have to be. 

Here’s how Hannah Hart-Smith, Groomer and Owner of Müttley Crüe, handled it.

The Introduction Meet Hannah, a passionate dog enthusiast who turned her love for dogs into a career. After finishing university, she grabbed a Dog First Aid Certificate and completed a Level 2 Animal Care with Dog Grooming. Now the proud owner of Müttley Crüe in Newcastle Emlyn, Hannah is constantly looking to up her game with further education and seminars, using the best products, and providing top-notch services.

Hannah’s business had a fantastic start and continues to grow, but paperwork was becoming an intrusive, never-ending problem in her personal life. She needed a system that worked the way she wanted, with a modern-day approach. So, she tackled this challenge head-on, ensuring her business runs smoothly, just like a well-groomed pup.

Here’s what Hannah wanted:

  1. Booking Reminders: An easy way to communicate with customers and remind them of upcoming bookings.
  2. Community Involvement: To become a stakeholder and an important part of a community with software that meets her needs.
  3. Customer App: A modern solution to empower customers to make their own appointments.

The Success Story of Hannah Hart-Smith Hannah has a growing business that offers a wide range of services, but as a solo groomer, what she can do within working hours is a huge aspect of her life. Hannah knew there was a way she could continue to live her life outside of work while maintaining a healthy, thriving business. And that’s when she found Tuft. Tuft, with its customer-facing app that connects directly to a pet groomer’s digital calendar, makes the process of booking appointments easier than ever before. With a modern approach, customers could make appointments with Hannah any time of the day. 

Tuft gave Hannah:

  1. Automatic Booking Reminders: Hannah never needs to send a reminder herself. With two reminders going out for every appointment, she doesn’t need to worry about forgetting to send them herself or about customers not showing up.
  • Bonus: Automatic Calendar Reminders: Once a customer has accepted an appointment, the Tuft App gives the pet owner the option to add their booking to their own personal calendar. This helps prevent no-shows and provides an extra reminder.
  1. A Community of Like-Minded Professionals: Hannah went from a Tuft enthusiast to a Tuft Ambassador. With a great range of ideas and input, Hannah’s contributions have helped mold Tuft into the software it is today. With a permanent place on the Ambassador team, Hannah is an important member of the Tuft community.
  2. An App for Her Customers: Tuft’s original concept was from a pet owner’s point of view, making life much easier for pet owners who wanted an on-demand solution for booking a pet groomer. And that’s exactly what Tuft offered Hannah’s customers—a way to quickly book with her at any time.

“I think I would never be without Tuft now” – Hannah Hart-Smith

Why Hannah Chose Tuft After finding Tuft on Instagram, Hannah was delighted that there was finally a choice for the modern groomer. From a way to automatically send reminders to a way to become part of a forward-thinking community, Tuft was able to cover all bases, and more. Providing Hannah with:

  • A 3-Month Free Trial
  • WhatsApp Support
  • Online Bookings & Appointments
  • Free Mass Messaging
  • A Virtual Storefront

With all boxes ticked and a problem solved, Tuft became Hannah’s full-time digital calendar.

“It’s a lot easier for customers because we don’t always have time to talk to people.” – Hannah Hart-Smith

Summing it up

Since embracing Tuft, Hannah has seen tails wagging and clients raving. Her salon’s bookings have become easy to manage, she no longer worries about no-shows, and the only thing shedding now is her stress. With automatic booking reminders, a supportive community, and an app for her customers, Hannah’s business has transformed into a well-oiled machine. Tuft has turned her administrative headaches into smooth sailing, allowing her to focus on what she loves—caring for dogs. Hannah’s journey with Tuft is a true success story; her admin has gone from an ocean of paperwork to an easily manageable digital diary, and she has never looked back.