The Success Story of Jo’s Dog Shedd In

April 4, 2024 11:14 am

From Sadmin to Gladmin.

Hi there, thanks for checking out our blog on Jo’s success story. If you’re on the hunt for a digital diary that’ll LOVE, you’re in luck – you’ve come to the right place! Now, I get it – “love” and “digital diary” aren’t often used in the same sentence. But trust us, Jo is head over heels for the system, and she’s ready to give you the gossip in her video. So buckle up, buttercup, and get ready to fall in love Tuft – yes, really! Check out the video below.

The Introduction

Meet Joanne Rumming, the hard-working dog-loving dynamo behind Jo’s Dog Shedd In. Her salon has become a hub for pampered pooches in Tregaron. But behind those wagging tails lies a tale of booking chaos. Enter Tuft, the grooming genie granting wishes to pet grooming businesses of all sizes. ‘We’ll grant you any 3 wishes you desire (for your pet grooming needs), how can we help?’ 

Here’s what Jo’s wished for:

  1. A digital diary that saves time on admin, and something that’s really easy and user-friendly
  2. A way to get less missed appointments because of clients forgetting
  3. A safe and secure diary that keeps all information in one place

Your wish has been granted, Tuft replied. Check out how, in Jo’s success story below.

The Success Story of Joanne Rumming, A now Tuft Ambassador:

Jo’s passion for pups and her talent for grooming led her to create Jo’s Dog Shedd In. With her team, they worked magic on every furry friend that came their way. But as business boomed and appointments filled up, Jo was ‘suffering from success’, buried under heaps of paperwork and missed appointments. Determined to bring order to the grooming frenzy without losing her sanity, she embarked on a quest for a solution that wouldn’t leave her pulling out her hair.

This is where Tuft comes in. With its user-friendly interface and magical wish-granting automation powers, Tuft swept Jo off her feet and gave her:

  1. An app for pet owners:

Jo no longer needs to add in clients manually, they do it themselves, every one of Jo’s clients has access to the Tuft app, where they can add in their own details and request their own appointments, at a time convenient for them and Jo. Cutting out hours and hours every week of unnecessary admin time and phone calls. 

  1. Access to unlimited automatic notification reminders: 

Jo never needs to send a reminder again, the system does it for her. No more WhatsApp, Text, Email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or phone reminders, Tuft has things completely under control. The system is smart, way smarter than you might think. With Premium Tuft all clients get an SMS reminder, if for some reason (lack of signal, or lost phone for example) they don’t receive that reminder, Tuft send an email as backup. Pretty smart right? Tuft knows when your customers have got their reminders, and we make sure every single person gets them.

  1.  A secure system:

    Tuft is digital, meaning there is backups of your information, and you have your own password to make sure your customer information is safe and secure, where no one else can access it, and it’s all in one place. Plus, it’s easy.

‘I am not very good with computers but I found this easy’ – Jo Rumming

No more chasing tails trying to manage appointments; Tuft granted those wishes, leaving Jo free to focus on what she does best: making pups look like prince/princesses.  Jo could breathe easy knowing that her clients’ information was safe and sound.

Thanks to Tuft handling all the tedious tasks, Jo’s salon has flourished, allowing her to focus her efforts where they matter most. Her success speaks for itself – she’s been recognized as a finalist in the Animal Star Awards and has joined the British Dog Groomers’ Association Committee.

Why Jo Chose Tuft:

She didn’t just happen upon us like magic. After some research, Tuft had all the features Jo needed to simplify her salon’s tasks. From its easy-to-use layout to its handy automated reminders, Tuft had Joanne covered from all angles. Plus so much more, including:

  • 1 on 1 training
  • Free Data Transfer
  • Free Mass messaging
  • Online Bookings & Automated Bookings
  • WhatsApp Support

It’s a complete and easy-to-use digital diary that’s accessible to everyone.


Since embracing Tuft, Jo has seen tails wagging and clients raving. Her salon’s bookings have become easy to manage, she no longer worries about no-shows, and the only thing shedding now is her stress. Jo’s journey with Tuft is a true success story, her salon has gone from sadmin to gladmin, and bother her, and her clients couldn’t be happier. 

Save Time Today: Want your 3 wishes?

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