Tuft Autumn Updates 2023

September 28, 2023 5:36 pm

Welcome to our Autumn Updates 2023 blog! Here are all the new functions and updates we have added to Tuft this Autumn. So let’s jump in and explore the newest additions to the software.

Complete list of Tuft updates this Autumn:

Added: 03/09/23


Salon Admin Improvements

Salon managers now have an array of new features that enhance their operational efficiency, offering them the flexibility to separately manage salon opening-closing hours from the Salon Admin’s working hours, among other capabilities. As a result, they can easily adjust their own work schedules, contributing to a smoother and more effective management process.


The Notifications Log

You can easily review all your sent notifications! Simply navigate to the Notification tab on a booking, and check out the notifications they’ve received. It’s as easy as pie!


Improved Breaks

You have the freedom to include special characters 🌟 and numbers 🔢 when enhancing your calendar with breaks. This makes the break feature even more awesome than it was before! 

Tuft_Added_Duration_to_Booking Cards_Update

Added Duration to Booking Cards

We’ve made things even easier! Now, you can see the appointment duration right next to the time on the booking card, so there’s no need to calculate it yourself. 😄