Tuft Winter Update 2022/23

January 26, 2023 12:43 pm

Welcome to our winter updates 2022 blog! Here are all the new functions, and updates we have added to Tuft this winter. So let’s jump in and explore the newest additions to the software. (2-minute read)

Complete list of Tuft updates this winter:

Added: January 2.0 Updates 28/01/23


Improved Reviews on the Dashboard

When a new review comes in you’ll get a notification. You’ll know instantly when someone is singing you praise.


Added Google reCapture

We have enhanced security by adding a Google reCapture image for app users. We strive to always improve our safety functions, as well as add new features. 


Add Time to Booking History

Booking history now shows the time of the appointment. Not just the date. Making booking history even better. 


New Look on Booking Cards

Appointment statuses can get a little lost sometimes due to colour clashes. So we improved the look of booking cards. 

  • The booking status is now in the top right corner
  • If an action is required on a card, the border will be highlighted

Added: January Updates 05/01/23


‘Send all’ – global messaging

You can message all app users at the same time! We’ve added a ‘Send all’ button to your chat function. 

Meaning you can send offers and updates to everyone instantly.

Notification updates

Based on your feedback your clients will now get only 2 notifications –  55 hours before, and 24 hours before their appointments. 

Upload images to booking details

You can now upload images into your booking details. Meaning your booking history just got even better.  (Max 6)

Tap to call

When using Tuft on a mobile device, tapping a mobile number will allow you to call the number.

Package & service description notes

We’ve added a new notes section to your packages and services sections. Meaning you can give your clients a detailed description of package and service offerings. 

Improved booking history

We’ve added pages to the booking history section. Giving you an easier way to scroll through a client’s complete history.

Booking cards expand

Rolling over an appointment in the calendar will expand the appointment box to show you your booking details. 

Auto-complete bookings

A new function in the settings!

Auto-complete bookings has been added, giving you the ability to allow your booking to complete after a set time period.

Aggressive dog visual

We’ve added in an easy-to-spot visual flag for aggressive dogs. This will go into your booking history and client details. 

Auto-refresh is here

The system fully refreshes every 15 seconds. Meaning as soon as a booking notification comes in, you’ll know about it.

Owners can cancel requested appointments

Owners can change or cancel a request before an accepted booking – Owners with the app will now be able to cancel appointments they have requested – reducing your admin! 

Add historical bookings

You can add previous bookings to your calendar! Meaning you can now add your full client history.

Add an additional service to a booking

We have added the ability to add an extra service from the appointments section. 

If a customer walks in and wants an additional service. No problem. You can add it to their current booking.

Reschedule pending bookings

You can cancel/reschedule pending bookings! Giving you a greater flexibility if you make a mistake, or simply want to offer an even better time. 

Added a deceased pets function

We have added a tickbox to the medical information on your client’s pet profiles. When the box is ticked it will remove that dog’s appointments without notifying the client. 

Change the frequency of SMS reminders

Everyone gets a reminder 24 hours before their appointment. But now you can choose at which intervals to send the second.

Override notifications

You can choose whether or not your client is updated about the changes you make to their appointments.

If you don’t want them to know, untick the box in their appointment card.

Cancel individual dogs from a group booking

If a client makes a booking of multiple dogs you can cancel one or more dogs without having to cancel the entire appointment.

Next available appointment

Making an appointment with you busy bees has just got easier for your clients. They no longer have to scroll through your calendar looking for an appointment. Our new button will take them straight to the next available booking!

Appointment request user journey

We’ve closed a pesky loop hole whereby a client rescheduling an appointment would automatically go into your calendar. A rescheduled request will now show as a request.

This blog will continue to be updated throughout the winter from November 22 – March 23.