Unlock Your Unlimited Potential with Tuft

May 16, 2024 1:33 pm


It’s like having your own personal superhero sidekick for your business!

Tuft is like your trusty sidekick, ready to help you become the ultimate hero of your business story! We’re here for you. We don’t hold anything back—we give you all you need to be super successful without sneaky fees or complicated upgrades. From day one, Tuft’s got your back, so you can soar to success without limits.

Here are 7 ways how Tuft helps you unlock your unlimited potential:

1. Unlimited Ways to Connect
Firstly, get Tuft Pro for just £42 a month, and enjoy unlimited SMS messages. Imagine if everyone in your town had a dog, and they were all connected with your salon – you could easily send SMS reminders to everyone, for every single appointment, and the cost is all covered in Tuft Pro’s price. No need to pay extra per message, or buy credit – it’s all included and unlimited. How many other digital calendars offer that? None! Tuft is the best software for staying connected. Say goodbye to no-shows.

2. Limitless Communication Options
Tuft isn’t just about SMS! Nope, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve. When your customers hop on the Tuft app, they can start a conversation with you instantly and for free with the live chat function. It’s like having a direct hotline to your business, but without the annoying hold music. Messages go straight to your chat messaging section, where you can see all of the customer’s booking history, previous chat history, and pet images.

Do you need to drop a promotion or update prices quickly to everyone? No sweat! With the ‘send all’ chat feature, you can blast out messages to your entire customer base at once. Now that’s a superpower. 

3. Supercharged Marketing
At Tuft, we’re all about letting your creativity soar! Check this out: one of our groomers hosted a festive charity drive at Christmas. She blitzed her entire client list all at once using our in-app messaging magic. Result? A whopping £700 raised, without a single worry about credit costs! With Tuft, communication is your canvas – paint it your way!

You can use this ‘superpower’ at your convenience for free.

4. Infinite Team Expansion
It’s time to power up your team! Let’s talk about boosting your squad with Tuft. Adding a new member to your team is as easy.. Whether you’re a one-woman show or leading a large, diverse crew, Tuft has you covered.

Each team member gets their own calendar, perfectly tailored to their and your needs. We’re all about fostering growth, not holding you back. Your salon’s potential is as limitless as your creativity. So keep expanding, keep adding new faces to your team, and we’ll be here, providing the digital TLC you need to shine bright like a diamond! 

5. Endless Customer Reach
You have a digital storefront just waiting for you, and it’s FREE. When you get Tuft, you get more than just the best digital calendar around; you get a Tuft’s free marketplace that connects to pet owners near you. You can get new customers! You can actually build from the ground up, with customers finding your salon and booking an appointment with you. Thanks to everything being online, most people shop using an app. With Tuft, pet owners who have never heard of you before will find you. Your digital storefront contains everything potential customers need to know about your salon and how to book with you.

6. Infinite Space
Unlike paper diaries, Tuft doesn’t run out of pages. We keep all of your booking history and notes on a platform with unlimited space, that’s easy to access. We’re online, and everything is backed up on the cloud, meaning you have access to unlimited diaries from both your past and going forward into the future.

7. Boundless Control & Accessibility
Take control of your schedule from anywhere, anytime! With Tuft, your dashboard is accessible on all your devices—laptop, phone, iPad, you name it. We don’t restrict your access, so whether you’re using your own gadgets or borrowing a friend’s, you’re good to go. Picture this: You can hop on a friend’s computer, check your calendar from a hotel lobby desktop, or even sync up with a smart TV. As long as you’ve got an internet connection, your digital calendar is at your fingertips whenever you need it!

Go through the ceiling!

With Tuft as your trusty sidekick, the sky’s the limit for your pet grooming business. From unlimited ways to connect with clients to boundless marketing possibilities and infinite team expansion, Tuft empowers you to unlock your business’s full and unlimited potential. With a digital storefront, limitless communication options, and accessible control over your schedule, Tuft ensures that you’re always one step ahead in the game. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless opportunities for growth and success.

So why wait? Get your 1 month-free trial of Tuft Pro today.