Claiming your profile

Last updated: January 2, 2024

If you have received a SMS or an email from us that says “Great news, your salon has already been listed on Tuft….” that means we have listed your salon on the app for you, using publicly available data.

“Claiming” your profile means that you are the owner of the salon and would like to upload images and service information for your business.

If you don’t wish to claim your profile, your salon will still appear (unless you ask us to delete it), it will just contain your basic information.

Claiming your profile:

To claim your free salon listing on the Tuft app, you’ll either need to follow the link we sent you, or you can select the free package on our pricing page.

From here you can enter your details and change any that might not currently be correct. For the best results we recommend adding some service information. This will appear on the app, however, clients will not be able to book you directly, they’ll still need to call or email you.