COVID-19 support

Last updated: January 2, 2024

You must follow government social distancing and business closure advice.

Please keep in mind this article was written on the 21st of May of 2021. New government updates might be implemented in place of these. For the latest guidelines please visit the government website

23rd of March Update
Business advice in England –

All activities requiring contact with the public should continue to be by appointment only so that only one person (household or support bubble) is on the premises at any time.

Groomers may undertake all grooming by appointment. Care should be taken to ensure COVID security when the pet is admitted or returned.

COVID restrictions on dog walkers cease (12th April).
From the 21st of June: All restrictions removed. The use of appointments and face coverings is likely to continue to be advised

Dog Owners
Dog grooming is not a regulated activity. While anyone can groom an animal, it’s advised that for animal welfare reasons, only a person with appropriate skill and training should groom animals.

If dog grooming services cannot be obtained from the usual service provider, pet owners should find an alternative service provider that has the relevant experience and training. This will avoid the risk of any unnecessary suffering inadvertently being caused to their animal.

For further guidance see GOV.UK and The Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG).

Key Documents for Reopening

Linked below are three important documents you must have in preparation for reopening:

  • Workplace Safety Standards – Complete and official sector-specific standards for reopening pet grooming services (all workplaces must also comply with the Mandatory Safety Standards for Workplaces)
  • Protocol Summary – User friendly summary of the standards and best practices
  • Checklist – Printable tool to help businesses perform the required self-certification for opening and ensure compliance with the sector-specific standards
  • Transportation
  • In some areas, If a groomer transports animals further than 65 kilometres they’ll need to apply for authorisation by completing an application form. Please check your local council guidelines for the appropriate rules in your area.


Key Worker’s Animals
Can home borders exceed their licence to care for animals of key workers?
It is considered that this is a matter to be determined at a local level based upon prior history of the business and their level of previous compliance. There is a need to be mindful of the welfare implications to the animals under the charge of the home boarder and home boarders should prioritise the care of those animals who belong to key workers should this become an issue. Where a home boarder is not able to sufficiently protect the interest of the animals under their charge, alternative care arrangements must be sourced.


Can dog groomers still operate?
Yes, the business is not subject to the closure restrictions as detailed in the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020, as such they can continue operating.

With regards the movement restrictions, it is considered that as a dog groomer is not listed as a business referred to in Part 3 of Schedule 2 of, they should collect and deliver any animals that they are being taken to a salon for grooming as they are permitted to travel for the purposes of work (Regulation 6 (2) (f) ) and this is in the spirit of the principles of Regulation 5 (1) (a).

Where a dog groomer does undertake transportation, it is considered that they will be caught by the rules relating to the Welfare of Animals in Transport EU Regulation 1/2005 and it is advised that they seek authorisation with the APHA Welfare of Animals in Transport Team (WIT).

It is not permitted for a person to take their dog to a groomer by vehicle as this is classed as a non-essential journey, unless the owner can walk to the business as part of their daily exercise.

For more information and business guidance do check out: