How do I find out my pets medical history?

Last updated: August 31, 2023

You have the option to retrieve your pet’s medical history using the app. The app stores all the data you’ve inputted, making it convenient for you to access when necessary. Just click on your profile, select the specific pet you’re interested in, and navigate to the ‘Medical History‘ section by scrolling down.

General: If you have just picked up your puppy, your pet will have a limited record, however it is still important to request this from your breeder who should provide this on the day you take your new pet home.

If you are adopting a dog, the rescue centre will normally provide you with this information. However, you can request all the information you need from your pets vet. They keep records of past vaccines, medicine, surgery etc.

If you are unable to find your pets medical records, it’s important to take them to your local vet so you can get a record started.