1. Add your business details

Last updated: April 21, 2024

First things first lets get some business details in so your clients can find you! Navigate to your Calendar, and click the cog icon in the top right hand corner. It looks like this:

Here we will walk you through setting up the basics of your Salon profile.

Salon Details

Salon Images

We don’t need to tell you how important images are for showing off your previous work. Images uploaded here will be at the top of your profile and the first thing many clients and potential clients will see about your salon. Upload images here that are crisp and clear and in a landscape format.

Here’s where your profile pictures will appear:

Salon Details

Here we will enter two things; 1. Salon Name and 2. The deposit amount required.

Salon Name

Hopefully pretty self explanatory, your salon name is the name that appears in the app and will be searchable by clients and potential clients. Your salon name appears here – highlighted red in the example below:

Time needed between bookings

We added this function so you could take control of your calendar. Need time to clean down after a pooch? No problem, set the time between bookings and your bookings will automatically be spaced out with that amount of time in between.

Maybe you don’t need time in between, that’s perfectly fine too. Set this time to zero and your calendar will allow bookings one after the other.

About us

Time to talk about yourself. Here you can tell your clients and potential clients all about you and your salon. Make sure you include information about your qualifications.

Salon Email Address

Your email address is multi-purpose within the system. If you signed up with one email address but have a different one for your salon and want to change it, all email addresses across the account will be changed, including the one you login with. Just keep this in mind when updating this information.

Salon Address

Very important, this is how the app works out how far you are from a potential customer. If you are within their set radius, you’ll be shown to them. If you are outside their set radius, you will not appear. Double and triple check the information in here!

Opening Hours

Hopefully self explanatory, your opening hours determine when a client can book an appointment with you. If you are off a day in the week or weekend, simply switch this day off using the on off toggle at the side of the table.

Setting away time, or holiday time is an upcoming feature soon to be added soon after this initial launch. We’ll keep you updated when this happens.


Your preferences are a sort of filter for the clients you will and wont accept. An owner is required to set up their dogs profile using information such as date of last groom and vaccinations. If any of these toggle switches are set to on, you’ll simply not show up in the search results for the owners that don’t match your criteria.


We use Stripe Connect to pay deposits directly into your bank account. In the Finance section on your system you will be taken you Stripes Secure Connect portal (no Stripe account required) just a few business details. Upon completion a tick will appear if the connection has been successful. It looks a little like this…

Please note: Stripe is a third party tool, none of your details are stored on our system. If you are having trouble connecting we can definitely help you, however we cannot troubleshoot Stripe issues. We will contact Stripe on your behalf if you are having trouble but we would imagine they would want to talk to you directly, as we don’t store any of your details on our systems – we can only see the email address you signed up with.


Getting stuck?

Not to worry, we can book you in for a virtual run through and walk you through how to set up your profile. It’ll only take 15 minutes, let us know what time is good for you.