3. Calendar Setup

Last updated: April 21, 2024

The time it takes to set your calendar up will depend on whether you currently have an appointment to enter. If you do, you can begin to add your appointments manually.

Adding an appointment to your calendar

  • Navigate to your system, and click the Calendar navigation item, it looks a bit like this…
  • Find the “A new appointment” button, it looks a bit like this;
  • This screen will appear;
  • From here, you’ll need to fill out the details of your new appointment.
  • Please note: A client needs to be in your Client list before you can add them to a booking. Make sure your clients and pets details are accurate – especially breed. The variable pricing of your services will show up here.
  • Your service list will show once you have selected a client. It will look a little like this;
  • You can now select a service or a package for the selected pet – the services are generated from the services you have added in the system earlier. Make sure you have added a service before trying to assign it to a pet.
  • After that, the time and date box selections will appear, they look a bit like this;
  • Finally, you can add a revision price.

Please note: the “Revision Price” box does not have to be filled out now. You can use this once you have seen the condition of the coat on the day if you need to make adjustments to your pricing.

  • From here, the Total Price of the service will update
  • Your “Add Appointment” button will now have highlighted, and you can confirm the booking.

What happens next?

  • After you have booked an appointment into the calendar it will show up as an appointment – a little like this;
  • Once the new appointment has been entered, the client you selected will receive a notification through Email or SMS, depending on their notification preferences.

What happens if the client doesn’t have the Tuft app?

The system will still work, and your appointment will still be sent to them SMS based on the phone number in their client record. This message will encourage them to download the app so they can manage this appointment and future appointments, but it is not mandatory.

Please note: if they do not download the app, some features of the software may not work – such as the deposits, managing booking and shopping from the salon. We are currently working on a non-app version of this, as it has been a popular request.

Getting stuck?

Not to worry, we can book you in for a virtual run through and walk you through how to set up your profile. It’ll only take 15 minutes, let us know what time is good for you.