How will I look on the app?

Published on: January 2, 2024

Want to see how you’ll appear on the app? No problem! Below we show all of the sections in your profile as well as how they will look on the app.

  1. Salon Images

Your images will appear right at the top of your profile, so make sure they are the correct size, and not blurry. If you add multiple images, clients will be able to scroll through these. 

We recommend making the first picture your logo, then subsequent pictures images of your previous grooms (with the owners permission of course!)

2. Salon Name

This one is pretty self explanatory, here your salon name is displayed.

3. Salon Contact

Here you should add the phone number you would like clients to call you on. The app features tap to call, making it super easy for a client to contact you via this method if necessary.

4. Salon Type 

Auto/Booking Requests

Depending on how you operate your salon, you can select from Auto bookings or Requests only. 

The difference?

Auto bookings are automatically confirmed in your calendar, whereas Booking Requests come through as requests and require you to accept or offer a new appointment before the booking is confirmed. 

List me on the app

We have added this toggle switch in incase you like the software, but don’t want clients to find you via the app. You may for example have a full client book. 

5. About Us

As it says on the tin, here you can write a short bio about your salon. Get creative!

6. Salon Address

This is how our location services work on the app. Anyone within a certain radius or searching near your location (if their search criteria matches) will be able to see your salon listing.