2. Add your services

Last updated: April 21, 2024

Adding a service is easy, just a few clicks infact.

Locate the services tab in your system navigation – it looks a bit like this:

Then over to the right of your screen you will see an “Add service” button – it looks like this:

A box will pop up and you’ll be able to enter your service details, it will look a little like this:

Types of pricing

The variable nature of your pet grooming salon was recognised when putting together the software for it. We know that the services you provide are effected by many variants. We wanted to make the process of finding, booking and reviewing your services as simple as possible, whilst making our software the easiest to use on the planet…yes the planet!

Fixed Pricing

Fixed pricing, says what it does on the proverbial tin. If you set a fixed price, it means that price will show on the Tuft app regardless of size and coat type. These could include services such as teeth cleaning or nail clipping, where size and coat aren’t an issue.

Variable Pricing

This is where our pet salon management software gets clever. We know that there are a lot of types of coats and sizes, all which affect the time on the table. Prices on the app are only ever shown “From…” so even when you set a price, our price adjustment tool allows you to add or remove cost based on the dog on the day.

Whilst the table looks daunting, doing this task once will give your customers a better experience on the app. Customers prices will fluctuate based on your pricing table eg. A Chihuahua will be vastly different from a Newfie. Clients will see your pricing based on the breed of pet they have entered on the pets profile.

Saving you time in the long run – no more inbox messages asking “how much”. With Tuft they know. We also explain as the customer is checking out that prices are from, and variations may come on the day depending on the dog.

Once you have entered the details you can either Publish the new service or Save as a draft. Buttons look a little like this:

Saving as a draft just means that clients will not see that service in the list on your profile but you will be able to come back later to edit this.

Getting stuck?

Not to worry, we can book you in for a virtual run through and walk you through how to set up your profile. It’ll only take 15 minutes, let us know what time is good for you.