5. Enter payment details

Last updated: April 21, 2024


We use Ryft to pay deposits directly into your bank account. In the Finance section on your system you will be taken to connect to Ryft. Upon completion a tick will appear if the connection has been successful. It looks a little like this…

Please note: Ryft is a third party tool, none of your details are stored on our system. If you are having trouble connecting we can definitely help you, however we cannot troubleshoot Ryft issues. We will contact Ryft on your behalf if you are having trouble but we would imagine they would want to talk to you directly, as we don’t store any of your details on our systems – we can only see the email address you signed up with.

Getting stuck?

Not to worry, we can book you in for a virtual run through and walk you through how to set up your profile. It’ll only take 15 minutes, let us know what time is good for you.