How do I upload a client list to Tuft?

Last updated: April 21, 2024

Please note: If you are just setting up your profile, make sure that uploading your clients is the last step in the process, as they will be notified that you are now part of Tuft. If you haven’t filled out the rest of your profile, they wont be able to find you!

Here’s how to upload single or multiple clients:

  • Navigate to the clients section of the system, you’ll find this right at the top of the screen, it looks a bit like this:
  • Next you’ll want to either upload a single client ( handy for new walk-ins) or bulk upload your previous database of contacts. First, lets start with uploading just 1 client.

Uploading a single client

  • Locate the “Add New Client” button on the right hand of your screen, it looks a bit like this:

Fill out both the Client and the pet details, once an email address or phone number is entered here, the client will receive a notification encouraging them to download the app and book you directly.

You don’t have to fill out all the pet details if you don’t have them to hand, when the owner creates a profile, they will be asked to confirm their pets details. They can fill out the profile completely which will automatically update your records.

Uploading multiple (bulk) clients

If you are transferring to Tuft, either from another software or from a paper-based system, we have made it super simple to add all of your clients in one go.

  • Locate the “Import csv” button on the right hand of your screen, it looks a bit like this:
  • From here, this screen will pop up:
  • Click the “Download CSV template” button
  • Using the template, enter your clients details
  • Export the sheet as a .csv (comma separated values) document – we have created a handy how to video if you need some help. INSERT LINK TO VIDEO
  • Scroll to step 3 of the process from inside the box and locate the upload button, it looks like this:
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Pet-Grooming-Software-Tuft-save-upload-multiple-clients.png
  • Viola! all done. The clients you entered will now be contacted explaining how to download the app and book you directly from now on.