Trouble importing clients

Published on: January 2, 2024

We understand that importing your clients is potentially one of the most important “to-do” items when picking a new pet salon booking software. We have tried to make this as easy as possible for all types of salons and understand that it can be frustrating when the system keeps throwing up errors.

This article attempts to troubleshoot some of the most common errors that display when uploading your clients list. We will be updating this periodically once we are made aware of particular errors. Please let us know if you don’t see the error you are facing listed.

Invalid Breed Error

The way in which we store breed data is very important to the app’s self service feature for your clients. The Tuft app uses the services table from your settings, then looks at the breed from the client record to display a “from..” value on the clients app. For this reason, the database of breeds we match has to be accurate – it is also case sensitive.

What does this mean?

When you upload your clients from a previous system each breed input for each pet has to match ours, else you will see the system throw an error. Here’s how to fix:

  1. Download our latest breed list (Microsoft Excel, if you need another format please let us know)
  2. Open the breed list and press CMD and F together (mac) or CTRL and F (pc) this will bring up a search bar
  3. Search the breed name you are looking for
  4. Copy and paste the breed into your own data sheet


Invalid Phone Number

Phone numbers are also an integral part of the Tuft booking management system – we use a phone number to automatically trigger SMS messages, as such the way they are formatted when uploaded into the system is important.

Please check the phone number column in your data for the following:

  • 11 digits (UK)
  • Include the ‘0’ in the phone number – if you can’t see this, it’s because Excel has stripped the zero from the front of the number. There are several ways to add this back in, but we have found the following article most useful
  • Remove the spaces

Your phone number should be in the following format: