Can I add multiple calendars/salons?

Last updated: January 2, 2024

Our progression will see the ability for salon owners to add multiple locations. This is a big feature we’re working on. We understand this is important to you and many of the other salon owners that have signed up with us,

Tuft would like to offer you free access to another account to set up your second premises under until the multiple salon functionality becomes available.  At this point we’ll take care of combining the salons under one account for you.

We plan to roll out big updates like this on a regular basis. So you’ll not have to wait long for these features. 
We’re also asking all of our salon owners to submit feature requests that we’ll put to a vote for our future development phases.

This software was built specifically for pet groomers, so your involvement in this process is key to ensure we are building software that is catered to the varying needs of salon owners.