How do I cancel a booking?

Published on: January 2, 2024

We understand that life happens, and cancellations may be necessary from time to time. If you can, rescheduling is always a better idea. If cancellation is your only option, please make sure you have informed the client first, then you can use the Tuft software to cancel and generate a refund.

How to cancel an appointment in the Tuft pet management software:

  • Navigate to your calendar
  • Find the appointment you would like to cancel and open it by clicking onto it
  • You’ll see a drop down symbol in the right hand side of the box, click this and select Cancel
  • A dialogue box will appear and ask you to confirm the cancellation, click Yes.

From here two things will happen:

  1. The client of the cancelled booking will receive an automated notification from Tuft, informing them that you have cancelled the appointment. Within this email it explains that you have requested a refund on their behalf.
  2. Simultaneously, Tuft Admin will receive an automated refund request from you which one of our team will process within 24 hours.