Do appointments automatically go into my calendar?

Published on: January 2, 2024

Only if Auto booking is switched on in your salon settings.

Your calendar will show only the appropriate slots for the type of dog that the service is being requested for. This is where having your services setting correct will help you to avoid misbooking pets that may require longer time on the table.

When you are setting up your services, the duration and price are attached to coat type and size, this is then attributed to the clients pet. For example, if I have a Labradoodle – this would be considered a M/L breed with a wooly coat. The duration you have allocated for this will look for the next available slot in your calendar that matches the time needed.

Also remember:

  • Clients cannot choose the duration themselves, they are set by you.
  • Your calendar is fully in your control

You can easily switch between automated and request bookings in your salon settings.