What do the different appointment statuses mean?

Published on: January 2, 2024

There are 6 appointment statuses, each one is explained below:


This means you and the client have accepted the appointment and the deposit has been paid (if required). These appointments are blue. Your clients are notified 24 hours before a booking to remind them of the appointment.


This means the appointment has been completed – when you mark an appointment as completed and automated app notification informs them that their pet is ready to collect. If the client hasn’t got the app, a text message or email will be used instead depending on the information you hold within their record. 

No Show

This status is for internal tracking purposes. If a client is marked as no show, no notification will be sent. If they have paid the deposit and not cancelled within the 48 hour cancellation period, your salon will automatically keep the deposit. 


Pending appointments are shown in the calendar as a light grey colour and look washed-out compared to the rest. If your client has the app (marked with a green dot next to their client record) they would have been notified of the appointment and will be required to go through the booking process (accepting the forms and paying a deposit if necessary). Once this has been done, the appointment is considered confirmed. 

Clients without the app, will be notified of the appointment through either SMS or email, depending on the information you hold on them. Currently, these appointments are automatically confirmed. We are working on an alternative method for accepting terms and conditions if the client doesn’t have the app. We will update this article once it has been implemented.

Appointment requested

If you have booking requests switched on for your salon, you will notice purple coloured cards in your calendar, these are the appointments that your clients have requested and require managing. Once you either accept or reject the appointment the status of the appointment will either; 1) change to pending (if the client has the app) or 2) change to confirmed. 


Cancelled appointments are removed from your calendar automatically to reopen this time for other clients to request. Cancelled appointments are cleared marked in red within the pets Booking History.