Can I change a client’s appointment?

Last updated: September 1, 2023

Indeed you can! This is made easier if your client has the Tuft App. However, it is still doable if they don’t.

  1. Navigate to your calendar and click the appointment card you wish to change.
  2. All appointment cards have a dropdown status box, click this and select “Cancel/Reschedule”.

Example below:

3. When the pop up appears, click “Offer new Booking”, as highlighted below:

4. From here, your client will receive the following notification

a) If they have the app:

When this notification is clicked they will be asked to confirm/reject/choose a different date. To avoid rejection, it’s always best to call the client first to agree to an alternative appointment.

Your calendar will show the appointment status as “Rescheduled” until confirmation is completed.

b) if they don’t have the app, your client will instead receive a SMS text message with the new appointment details. This will automatically show a “confirmed” appointment status in your calendar.